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"I can't thank you enough for investing in my inner healing. The three sessions progressed with phenomenal success which included healing, resolution of things within myself and wisdom on a new level of my heart... I appreciate how you thoroughly explained the process and confidently guided me each step of the way resolving that feeling. What was holding me back has been eliminated with a spiritual shift resulting in perfect alignment with Father God on a more intimate basis, as a result of our sessions. I am open for more."

"I have received lots of inner healing before heart sync. When I discovered heart sync my healing journey went to a place I never knew existed.

Dorothy Cruise has facilitated all my heart sync sessions. She has such a kind and honoring way with all my heart parts.

I am now responding to situations in my life in a new way. I am recognizing my guardian and when they show up and am able to let true self talk to them. Many of my knee jerk reactions are leaving and normal things which I would have shied away from are not as intimidating to me.

The trauma that I have gone through which caused such pain Jesus is healing and I am able to go through the situations that are present because of the trauma in a much more stable way.

I am very, very grateful for Dorothy and for heart sync.

Dorothy Cruise
Healing Hearts Prayer
Dorothy Cruise
Healing Hearts Prayer
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All rights reserved © 2023